Alina's Rosemary Lemon Peel Quinoa Stuffed Chicken

After a brief hiatus, I'm back with a savory lemony dish, and I'm hoping to begin posting at least monthly from here on out.
This recipe was the result of playing in the kitchen, and so it's fitting that it tastes so fun! I stuffed this quinoa in chicken breast, but you could easily stuff it in a variety of other bases, such as a bell pepper.

Homemade Nicaraguan Tortillas

My best friend Cassidy just got back from a service trip in Nicaragua, and while she was there some of her friends taught her to make Nicaraguan tortillas. Being a great friend, she taught me how to make Nicaraguan tortillas as soon as she got back to the States. Each country has their own tortilla style, so this is the distinctly Nicaraguan way to make them.
The recipe is simple: mesa (corn flour) and water. I served these as a side with yummy buffalo chili, but you can serve them in any way your taste buds desire.

Super Bowl XLVII - Cauliflower "Wings"

When you think of the Super Bowl what crosses your mind? Friends? Football? Commercials? Food? ...Delicious chicken wings?

Adam and I love hot wings. My Mom grew up in Buffalo, so she has instilled in me the value of quality buffalo wings. Most people who knows wings agree that it's all about the sauce. Great sauce = great wings. The chicken is important, but it comes secondary. So if you're in the mood to make your wings a little healthier, the chicken is the thing to skimp on, not the sauce.

In this recipe you replace chicken with cauliflower. It makes for a slightly different buffalo wing (it throws off a boneless wing vibe), and since the sauce can be whatever you want it to be, the recipe remains delicious. I followed a recipe from PETA.