Marissa's Honey Beans and Spinach

As you might soon notice, I love crock pot cooking. So naturally, I searched Google for "crock pot recipes." Here's one that I found. I followed this one exactly, so I won't write out the recipe and instructions again. The original does a great job.

Here are my ingredients. In the future I'd buy organic spinach & sweet pots)

Here's everything in the crock pot. I scooted the spinach over so you could see the stuff below.

Cooking away. Once the spinach wilted a little I stirred it all up.

Dinner is served over white jasmine rice.

In terms of health, this one is pretty great. The only unhealthy ingredients are honey and cream cheese (optional). Knowing that Alina would be eating this, I couldn't omit the cheese. I thought about not adding the honey (so that my little one could eat it (babies can't have honey), but I wanted to try it according to the way it was written, at the least the first time.

After about 4.5 hours in the crock pot on low, it was plenty done (6 hours was recommended). I'd definitely make it again, but I'd like to try it vegan (without the honey and cream cheese).

Adam’s taste rating: 3 ladles
Brad’s taste rating: 4 ladles
Healthy rating: 4 ladles
Ease of prep rating: 4 ladles
Overall average: 3.75 ladles


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